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Plastic Injection Steel Hooks 17mm Flat Bungee Cords Custom

Plastic Injection Steel Hooks 17mm Flat Bungee Cords

Plastic Injection Steel Hooks 17mm Flat Bungee Cords

17mm Flat Bungee Cords are made of rubber, PP yarn and steel cord, with good elasticity, especially suitable for the cartons, also can be used in other places. Compared with the round belt elastic rope, the flat belt elastic rope can better protect the items, especially the cartons.The Plastic injection steel hooks 17mm Flat Bungee Cords are easy to use. Simply tie the two ends, and you can tie up almost everything.

Product Description
Material Rubber+ PP Yarn
17mm Flat Bungee-Injection Steel Hooks

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Our company was founded in 1996, covers an area of 8000㎡ and is located in Jiande City, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. We have specialized in the production of medium high-grade bungee cords, tie-downs, cargo nets, etc. for more than 10 years. our products have obtained the certificates of TUV/GS, and TUV/BS, and some of them hold European patents. We also passed the audit of third parties such as BSCI and ISO14001 except those. Plastic Injection Steel Hooks 17mm Flat Bungee Cords Manufacturers and Factory. DaJia company always insists on the value of "quality prior, reputation priority". We will provide good service to customers by offering more competitive prices. Warmly welcome domestic and overseas customers for business negotiation. Your satisfaction is always the purpose of DaJia company.
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    rich experience

    Over 27 years of effort, we have rich experience in this field and advanced technology as well as its scientific management and hard work.

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    variouS CATEGORIES

    Dayang specializes in producing all kinds of luggage strap, ratchet tie down, cargo net, tow rope, etc., OEM/ODM Custom Plastic Injection Steel Hooks 17mm Flat Bungee Cords.



    Our products are good in quality, all products have passed Germany TUV/GS approval.

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Our Honor & Certificates
GS TUV Certificate
TUV MARK Certificate
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GS E Certificate
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Patent Certificate
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Product Knowledge

Are there any specific maintenance requirements for these  Plastic Injection Steel Hooks 17mm Flat Bungee Cords?
1. Inspection and Cleaning:
Regularly inspect the bungee cords for any signs of wear, fraying, or damage. This visual check should include a close examination of the plastic injection steel hooks. Clean the cords with a mild soap solution to remove dirt and debris, especially if they have been exposed to challenging environments.
Example: If left uncleaned, accumulated dirt can weaken the material and compromise the overall strength of the cords, leading to potential failure during use.
2. Storage:
Proper storage is key to preventing unnecessary wear and maintaining elasticity. Store the 17mm Flat Bungee Cords with Plastic Injection Steel Hooks in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures, as this can impact the rubber and overall material integrity.
Example: Long-term exposure to sunlight can cause the rubber to deteriorate, reducing the bungee cords' effectiveness over time.
3. Avoid Overloading:
While these 17mm flat bungee cords are designed for durability, it's essential to adhere to their weight capacity. Overloading can lead to stretching beyond the cords' intended limits, causing permanent damage.
Example: Exceeding the weight limit may result in the steel hooks breaking or the rubber losing its elasticity, rendering the bungee cords unsafe for further use.
4. Replace Damaged Parts:
If any part of the bungee cords, including the plastic injection steel hooks, shows signs of damage, it is crucial to replace them promptly. Delaying replacement can compromise the overall safety and effectiveness of the cords.
Example: A damaged steel hook may fail to secure items properly, leading to potential accidents or damage during transport.

We are OEM/ODM Plastic Injection Steel Hooks 17mm Flat Bungee Cords Factory, With new design, delicate appearance, high quality, our products have been exported to various countries.